Latitude Capital Notes

Latitude Capital Notes are perpetual, subordinated, unsecured notes issued by Latitude on 28 September 2021 and are listed on the ASX under the code LFSPA. The face value and issue price for Latitude Capital Notes is $100 per Latitude Capital Note.

The Capital Notes are scheduled to pay quarterly, discretionary, cumulative, floating rate distributions, which are expected to be franked at the same proportion as Latitude’s ordinary share dividends. The Distribution Rate is equal to the sum of the Bank Bill Rate and a Margin of 4.75%. Distributions can be paid as a combination of either cash or franking credits.

The first distribution is scheduled for be paid on 27 January 2022. Subsequent Distribution Payment Dates are 27 April, 27 July, 27 October and 27 January in each year.

The table below outlines historical Distributions and the expected next Distribution (subject to Latitudes absolute discretion).

Ex Date Record Date Payment Date Distribution Rate Distribution per Capital Note Franking
18/1/2022 19/1/2022 27/01/2022 3.3362% $1.1060 100%

Further Information

Full term and details on Latitude Capital Notes are available in the Prospectus date 10 September 2021.

Information on the Share Registry where you are able to manage your holding is available here .

Additional information on Frequently Asked Questions is provided here .